Yves Van der Graaf Gallery & Auction House

Established in 1989, the Yves Van der Graaf Gallery represents some of the world’s most groundbreaking contemporary artists. We are committed to presenting a pristinely curated selection of avant-garde works, defining rather than following the current zeitgeist. Since its inception, critics and collectors alike have relied on us to set the tone of what is new and hot in the art world. Over the years, our collaborations with artists have produced art which critics have hailed as representing the new artistic canon. After relocating in 2006, the Gallery expanded from one viewing space to five, making it possible to use one space as an auction house. In 2010, Chef Oliver Chatham opened a restaurant, TRA, which features conceptual dishes reflecting the current collection. The menu changes daily, but examples of previous dishes include Drops of Dew on a Banana Leaf with a Smoked Coulis & Pickled Oak Bark Aged Oaxacan Crickets in a Salt Water Brine with Raspberries Flourless Chocolate Cake with Exotic Fruit Salad and Crème Fraiche