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A preview of the works we will be featuring in our upcoming auction: •Untitled #17• Xi Peng’s conceptual work represents the barrier that exists better the artist and the viewer. There is no image or sculpture, instead the Collector receives a certificate of authenticity that he now shares a level of consciousness with Peng which had been previously unattainable – bidding starts at $200,000 •Bildungsroman• A sculptural piece meant to be a theoretical representation of the time-space continuum viewed through the pseudo-ironic lens of the artist, Gericault. As the banana sits, exposed to the constant flux of universal discord, its slow decomposition mimics mankind’s descent into utter chaos. Left exposed to the elements, the banana will encase itself in a protective coating of mold, just as the caterpillar encases itself in a cocoon. Then, like the inevitable transformation from cocoon to ethereal butterfly, so too with the mold-engulfed banana release its spores back into the universe in a sad expression of perpetual hopelessness – bidding start at $15,000. •Coma• Artist Cindy Chapman debuts her latest performance piece in which she will remain in a medically induced coma for two months in your home – bidding starts at $50,000 TBA The hottest artist right now, Xavier, will unveil his latest masterpiece. He has been very secretive about it but we imagine – if following his previous pattern – it will be a blank canvas – bidding starts at $10,000